IT Solutions
Our IT division is always ready to provide the best IT solutions, including:

-Web development
-Application development
-Database development
-Graphic design
-Technical support

Deton Mitra Perdana
Starting from providing office stationery equipment, chemicals, ME, electronic engineering, meubelair, printing, convection, export-import through providing services for the software development. Established in 1999 and has experienced long way that makes our knowledge and experience increased in trading business and services.

Although not as large as any other national company, we feel proud to participate to build the nation as a national company specialized in General Supplier, Contractor, Mechanical and Electrical, and Information Technology.

General Supplier
We are ready to always provide products and best service:

Cable accessories
Type of material that is needed for the complement the cable side which must be adjusted to the required part of the cable, so that easier to understand and determine the necessary accessories. Some types include cable termination (sealing end), cable jointing (splicing kits), electrical equipment, connector, heatshrinkable tubing, copper brais.

General Cleaner and Lubricant (Chemical)
Type product formulations from some types of chemicals, which its usage is necessary as a supplement of production, resulting in a maximum product types and appropriate with the standards. Some types include pembersih cetakan (moulding), carbon cleaner, anti spatter, anti-rust and so on.

The provision of Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. grass
Besides to fill the empty land, Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. very suitable for use on the stadium field as a replacement for artificial grass, In fact, the advantage gained from the quality from this grass is exceeds artificial grass. Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. is a type of high-quality local grass that located in mainland of Asia, especially in Indonesia. Having the high reflectivity of 30% from fall ball, so appropriate with the standards or requirements from PSSI.

Technical Support
We are proud if we can provide effective services to customers, before and after the provision of products.
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